Weekly Summary 06/29/14-07/06/14

Mileage: ~53; Elevation: ~5400

This week was a bit of a break after last weekend’s big numbers. Overall, I feel good about my training these past six, seven or eight months and at this point I’m just trying to stay healthy until Leadville. In keeping with that goal, my plan is to alternate a big week of running with a week of consistency-focused running. I wanted everything to feel easy this past week, and for the most part it did.

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Jemez Mts 50M Race Report

After spending any significant amount of time in the mountains, it becomes obvious that personal fitness and training are only a few of the many factors that determine success. Trail-running in general, and mountain courses specifically, are not sterile, precise environments. Unforeseen obstacles can derail the most well-planned and executed[…]

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Weekly Summary 04/21/14-04/27/14

Mileage: ~54; Elevation: ~6,500′

Monday: 3.50M. Uphill recovery power-hike/run, followed by core endurance workout.

Tuesday AM: 3.5M hill repeats workout. 6×400 meter repeats.

Tuesday PM: 5M recovery run around the neighborhood, followed by upper body workout.

Wednesday PM: 10k easy run, followed by lower body workout.

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Weekly Summary 04/14/14-04/20/14

Mileage: ~45; Elevation: ~4,400′

Monday PM: ~5k uphill recovery walk with ~1400′ gain. My legs felt surprisingly good for barely 48 hours after an ultra. This felt just like a recovery effort should, leaving me refreshed after finishing my walk and core workout.

Tuesday AM: ~3.5M uphill run. 6x400meter uphill efforts, with ~550′ of gain. Not a bad effort here either.

Tuesday PM: Half hour recovery run around the neighborhood, followed by an upper body workout.

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Cedro Peak 45k Race Report

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the Cedro Peak 45k this past weekend. I had sampled part of the course (or so I thought), and wasn’t particularly enamored with it. I also wasn’t sure about my own fitness. I’ve been putting in lots of 20 miler long runs and B2B weekends recently, so in theory I should have felt well-prepared for 45k (27.9 miles) of running, but pre-race doubts aren’t an unusual feeling for me.

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Weekly Summary 04/07/14-04/13/14

Mileage: ~43; Elevation: ~4,300′ Race week finally! Monday: Rest. That’s right, an actual complete day of rest from running. I believe this is my first non-running day since January, but I really felt like I needed it. I knew there was no real compelling reason to train today and that[…]

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Weekly Summary 03/31/14-04/06/14

Mileage: ~41; Elevation: ~5100′

Taper madness week! This week really epitomized tapering. I could feel my body really needed some downtime prior to the Cedro Peak 45k, but I felt so bad not running much all week too.

Monday: 5k easy. 500′ of upness. Followed by a core workout.

Tuesday AM: 4.5M hill workout of 6×400 meters. Around 600′ of elevation gained during the uphill repeats.

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Weekly Summary 03/24/14-03/30/14

Mileage: ~65; Elevation: ~4500′

Monday PM: 3.33M,~900′ gained. Easy uphill recovery power-hike. Followed by core workout and climbing on my garage wall.

Tuesday AM: 5k, ~500′ gained. 5×400 meter uphill efforts with 400 meter recoveries.

Tuesday PM: 10k recovery run around my standard Winrock park loop. Followed by upper body workout.

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