Weekly Summary 01/20/14-01/26/14

Mileage: ~49 miles; Elevation: ~3,800′

Monday: 2.19 miles. Another uphill walk on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 5.92 miles. I was planning to do a bit longer, but my attempt to break in some new shoes was not going well.

Wednesday: 6.10 miles. Standard neighborhood recovery run loop.

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Weekly Summary 01/06/14-01/12/14

Mileage: ~49 miles; Elevation: ~3,600′

Monday: 2.16 miles. Just cranked out some uphill on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 8.14 miles. There was still some crappy winter weather, so I ran an 8x800M @ 6% incline on the treadmill.

Wednesday: 6.12 miles. Easy recovery run around my standard neighborhood loop.

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Weekly Summary 12/30/13-01/05/14

Mileage: ~31; Elevation: ~2,000′

Monday: Planned rest day.

Tuesday: I again decided to rest. We had guests coming into town for New Year’s Eve and I decided that cleaning the house, cooking and drinking beer was a more enjoyable way to spend my NYE.

December was a great month for me in terms of mileage, elevation gain and time on my feet, so I wasn’t super concerned about a few days of rest to enjoy time with friends. My knee had been causing me intermittent pain the past few weeks so I had no reservations about a few days of rest.

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