Weekly Summary 04/07/14-04/13/14

Mileage: ~43; Elevation: ~4,300′

Race week finally!

Monday: Rest. That’s right, an actual complete day of rest from running. I believe this is my first non-running day since January, but I really felt like I needed it. I knew there was no real compelling reason to train today and that I’d benefit from a little extra rest during the race on Saturday.

Tuesday AM: ~3.5M. I decided to skip my normal Tuesday morning hill workout in favor of a short recovery run. Despite yesterday’s rest, my leg’s still felt stiff and unresponsive. Such are the lows of taper week I suppose.

Wednesday PM: ~4M. My legs and mental state were both better than yesterday, with a rested, tapered feeling finally making itself known.

Thursday PM: 5k run. This run cemented my feeling of readiness for the race.

Friday: Another rest day! After zero days off in the last 80 or so, I actually took two full days off this week. I had planned a short shake-out run today, but after forgetting to pick up my race packet and running some errands with my wife, I just decided to rest and prep for the race.

Saturday AM: Cedro Peak 45k, ~4000′ of elevation gain. Read my race report here.

Sunday AM: 5M easy run with Megan to loosen up the legs. I did a decent job of resting and active recovery (foam-rolling, compression socks, icing, etc) after the race and felt like a short run would benefit me more than spending the entire day on the couch.