About Me

About Me

I’m Brett Oblack. I live in sunny Albuquerque, NM and just a few miles from a wide selection of beautiful mountain single-track. I love to get into the mountains and be at high elevations, whether I’m running, hiking or climbing there. All my training and effort is to improve at those pursuits.

About New Mexico

The Sandia Mountains have a nearly endless supply of single-track trails, connecting the 6000′ elevation foothills to the 10,000’+ crest trails.

The Sandias are also home to a fun boulder field filled with all variety of grades and a huge amount of trad and multi-pitch routes higher up along the crest of the range.

All in all, Albuquerque is a great place to be an Elevation Athlete.

The rest of the state is filled with a multitude of enjoyable places to run and climb as well. I love Wheeler Peak in Taos, Las Conchas climbing in the Jemez and checking out new trails and rock when possible.

What Are My Goals?

I’ve completed in road and trail races between 5k and 50k and placed in some smaller events. My running goals are to continue to improve my personal bests, while establishing the fitness to compete in longer ultra races. I want to be a contender in any trail race I enter and to do so I am training for speed and for the ability to overcome technical and steep single-track trail. 2014 will see me competing in a variety of ultras, including the Leadville 100 mile run, Speedgoat 50k and Jemez Mountains 50 miler.

I’m still a relatively new climber, but bursting with enthusiasm. I train at Stone Age Climbing, my local gym and pull down outside at U-Mound, Las Conchas and around the state. I also fool around on my home garage wall. My goals are to improve my bouldering power and sport climbing stamina and enjoy the natural beauty of the Southwest.