Weekly Summary 12/23/13-12/29/13

Mileage: ~45; Elevation: ~7400′

Monday: 2 miles. With a busy evening ahead of me, I decided to just get in a brisk walk during my lunch break.

Tuesday: 8.15 miles starting at the Indian School TH. Over 1,000′ of elevation during this run, mainly from getting off trail and having to hike up and over a hill to get back on trail.

Wednesday: ~11 miles. For Christmas Day Megan and I went to hike on the La Luz Trail. The bottom half of the trail was relatively snow free, but nearing the top it became more snowy, slowing us down quite a bit. We rode the tram down, then ran/hiked the three miles back to the car in the dark.

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Weekly Summary 12/16/13-12/22/13

mileage: ~40; elevation: ~3000′ Another week of trying to ease back into more and more mileage. Which is ironic, considering that the best my legs felt all week was on my long-ish run on Saturday of 14 miles. Throughout most of the week, my legs felt sluggish and slow. Saturday[…]

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Weekly Summary 12/09/13-12/15/13

mileage: 35; elevation: ~3000′ All in all, a pretty typical “base-building” kind of week. I didn’t assign myself any particularly strenuous workouts this week, I just wanted to make sure to get in a lot of time on my feet. My Saturday long run was in the open space trails[…]

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Weekly Summary 12/02/13-12/08/13

mileage: ~31; elevation: ~7500′ A pretty solid week of “easing back into it”-type training. My goal for the week was for everything to feel easy and like I was stopping before I was tired. I wanted to just rack up a good amount of time on my feet and not[…]

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Snow Day!

During what percentage of your training runs do you find yourself uncontrollably grinning the whole time? For me, that percentage is extremely low, despite how much I love running. Yesterday happened to be one of those days though. I work for the University of New Mexico, and most of the[…]

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