Weekly Summary 03/31/14-04/06/14

Mileage: ~41; Elevation: ~5100′

Taper madness week! This week really epitomized tapering. I could feel my body really needed some downtime prior to the Cedro Peak 45k, but I felt so bad not running much all week too.

Monday: 5k easy. 500′ of upness. Followed by a core workout.

Tuesday AM: 4.5M hill workout of 6×400 meters. Around 600′ of elevation gained during the uphill repeats.

Wednesday PM: 10k recovery run. My legs felt so sluggish and uncoordinated this run. No noticeable tapering effect yet for sure at this point.

Thursday PM: 5.25M with 800′ of elevation. I did my standard Indian School/Tramway start up to the trail and ran in to U-Mound (where I attempted to climb one of the v2 boulders in my Altra Superior shoes).

Friday PM: Easy half-hour uphill walk. 800′ of elevation.

Saturday AM: 13.1M with 1800′ of elevation. I tried out the Pino Trail a little bit today – really beautiful, rugged single-track. I am sure I’m going to use this for some big link-ups in the next couple months. The elevation gain is pretty brutal, but it connects to the saddle of the Sandias in just a few miles, making it the perfect route to link up with either the South Crest Trail or La Luz on the north side of the mountain.

Sunday AM: 7M with 450′ of elevation. Easy run with Megan. Lots of walking mixed in.