Weekly Summary 02/03/20-02/09/20

Mileage: 40.20
Elevation Gain: 6692

Monday: 1.55M uphill on the treadmill @ 10% incline. Just an easy warm-up before doing a leg workout where I tested out my squat 1RM and did 145 for 5 reps.  

Tuesday: 8.11M on the treadmill. The wind was absolutely ripping through the neighborhood, so I opted for some easy miles on the treadmill while watching an old Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode.

Wednesday: 2.11M on the treadmill. More easy uphill before an upper body workout.

Thursday: 6.60M easy. The legs felt heavy today and I was a little discouraged since I wanted a longer run.

Friday: ~4M total split between running the dog around the neighborhood and some easy treadmill uphill before lifting again.

Saturday: 10.50M running on the Coyote trailhead in Tijeras and the Forest Road that crisscrosses it. My legs felt okay but the trail was an absolute mudpit and I could barely run without slipping.

Sunday: 7.21M on the treadmill with a 6×3′ workout at 8mph and 2% incline with 3′ rests in between sets.