Jemez Mts 50M Race Report

After spending any significant amount of time in the mountains, it becomes obvious that personal fitness and training are only a few of the many factors that determine success. Trail-running in general, and mountain courses specifically, are not sterile, precise environments. Unforeseen obstacles can derail the most well-planned and executed[…]

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Weekly Summary 04/21/14-04/27/14

Mileage: ~54; Elevation: ~6,500′

Monday: 3.50M. Uphill recovery power-hike/run, followed by core endurance workout.

Tuesday AM: 3.5M hill repeats workout. 6×400 meter repeats.

Tuesday PM: 5M recovery run around the neighborhood, followed by upper body workout.

Wednesday PM: 10k easy run, followed by lower body workout.

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Weekly Summary 04/14/14-04/20/14

Mileage: ~45; Elevation: ~4,400′

Monday PM: ~5k uphill recovery walk with ~1400′ gain. My legs felt surprisingly good for barely 48 hours after an ultra. This felt just like a recovery effort should, leaving me refreshed after finishing my walk and core workout.

Tuesday AM: ~3.5M uphill run. 6x400meter uphill efforts, with ~550′ of gain. Not a bad effort here either.

Tuesday PM: Half hour recovery run around the neighborhood, followed by an upper body workout.

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Cedro Peak 45k Race Report

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the Cedro Peak 45k this past weekend. I had sampled part of the course (or so I thought), and wasn’t particularly enamored with it. I also wasn’t sure about my own fitness. I’ve been putting in lots of 20 miler long runs and B2B weekends recently, so in theory I should have felt well-prepared for 45k (27.9 miles) of running, but pre-race doubts aren’t an unusual feeling for me.

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Weekly Summary 04/07/14-04/13/14

Mileage: ~43; Elevation: ~4,300′ Race week finally! Monday: Rest. That’s right, an actual complete day of rest from running. I believe this is my first non-running day since January, but I really felt like I needed it. I knew there was no real compelling reason to train today and that[…]

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Weekly Summary 03/31/14-04/06/14

Mileage: ~41; Elevation: ~5100′

Taper madness week! This week really epitomized tapering. I could feel my body really needed some downtime prior to the Cedro Peak 45k, but I felt so bad not running much all week too.

Monday: 5k easy. 500′ of upness. Followed by a core workout.

Tuesday AM: 4.5M hill workout of 6×400 meters. Around 600′ of elevation gained during the uphill repeats.

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Weekly Summary 03/24/14-03/30/14

Mileage: ~65; Elevation: ~4500′

Monday PM: 3.33M,~900′ gained. Easy uphill recovery power-hike. Followed by core workout and climbing on my garage wall.

Tuesday AM: 5k, ~500′ gained. 5×400 meter uphill efforts with 400 meter recoveries.

Tuesday PM: 10k recovery run around my standard Winrock park loop. Followed by upper body workout.

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Weekly Summary 03/17/14-03/23/14

Mileage: ~53; Elevation: ~4100′

Monday PM: 5k uphill recovery run followed by core workout and climbing.

Tuesday AM: 2.5M, 4x400m uphill repeats. Legs were dead tired today, so I cut this workout short and decided to skip my evening recovery run to rest my legs.

Tuesday PM: Upper body power-endurance lifting session.

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