Weekly Summary 12/30/13-01/05/14

Mileage: ~31; Elevation: ~2,000′

Monday: Planned rest day.

Tuesday: I again decided to rest. We had guests coming into town for New Year’s Eve and I decided that cleaning the house, cooking and drinking beer was a more enjoyable way to spend my NYE.

December was a great month for me in terms of mileage, elevation gain and time on my feet, so I wasn’t super concerned about a few days of rest to enjoy time with friends. My knee had been causing me intermittent pain the past few weeks so I had no reservations about a few days of rest.

Wednesday: Took one more rest day after staying out until the wee morning hours for NYE.

Thursday: 7.22 miles. Easy-ish run to test out the knee. Everything felt good, so decided to green-light regular training again.

Friday: 2.03 miles. Another easy day to rest up for the weekend. Just took the dogs around the neighborhood.

Saturday: 11.38 miles. My goal for the day had been to check out the course for the Cedro Peak 45k in April. I found the trailhead access for one of the aid stations and tried out a bit of the course. Unfortunately, I wasn’t overly impressed by it. The portion I was on was a jeep/forest service road that was heavily rutted, making for very uneven and muddy footing. I eventually did reach a portion of the trail that was somewhat forested and rolling, which was obviously more enjoyable, but overall I was left with a somewhat bleak picture of the race. I’ll have to wait until April to see if my first impression rings true or not. To be fair, I didn’t hit the portion of the trail that actually reaches Cedro Peak, and peak-bagging always make the run better.

Sunday: 10.22 miles. Standard Embudito/Trail 365 loop. The crazy, intense wind throughout the run was a bit of a limiting factor and kept me from really finding my stride throughout the run. Unfortunately, things just didn’t seem to go my way this week, and although I was hoping for more mileage today I just wasn’t in the mood to push it.