Weekly Summary 02/17/14-02/23/14

Mileage: ~55 miles; Elevation: ~3800′

Monday PM: 3.00 miles. Easy uphill recovery run at the Indian School TH.

Tuesday AM: 5.91 miles. 4x400M hill workouts on Embudito Trail. I managed to forget my headlamp, which made for some interesting trail-running until the sun started to peek out over the Sandias.

Tuesday PM: 3.01 miles. Easy recovery run around the neighborhood.

Wednesday PM: 6.77 miles. Easy-ish pace on the bike paths near my house.

Thursday AM: 6.74 miles. 4×1 mile speedwork at the nearby track. 7:20 pace for each mile followed by 3:40 of recovery between each rep. (Made for easy math). It was difficult, but doable so I think I may maintain the pace/recovery while trying to add reps.

Thursday PM: 3.22 miles. Easy run with the dogs.

Friday PM: 3.06 miles. Uphill recovery run at Indian School TH.

Saturday AM: 15.97 miles. I wanted to keep my long run fairly short for this week, as I still feel a little tired and sore from the Moab Red Hot 33k. Other than just some general tired legs, the run went well. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I did run it as a mild 3/1 workout, finishing the last four miles at a relatively good pace (I believe I had a mile in the low 7:00s).

Sunday AM: 7.5 miles. Legs were still feeling rough, so I didn’t go for a very difficult B2B weekend. Just a nice hour and some change in the foothills.