Weekly Summary 02/03/14-02/09/14

Mileage: ~33; Elevation: ~2,600′

Taper madness week. It was exceedingly hard to fully embrace a taper this week as I felt great and was itching to maintain the high (for me) mileage I had been doing in previous weeks.

Monday: 2.13 miles. @7% on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 7.00 miles. Hill work repeats.

Wednesday: 3.90 miles. My achilles was feeling tight and I tried to have a taper mindset of not pushing my luck with any nagging injuries, so I turned around short of my normal Wednesday loop.

Thursday: 6.00 miles. 3x1M on the track at 5k pace+0:20 seconds, with half the time for recovery. Great workout. This will probably be my default Thursday morning speed workout.

Friday: 2.21 miles. Quick workout before workout.

Saturday: 4.10 miles. Sluggish, so I quit early again because I had to pick my mom up from the airport. Her visit actually timed well with forcing me to taper a bit over the weekend.

Sunday: 8.00 miles. Standard foothills trails loop, including walking a couple miles with Megan and my mom.