Weekly Summary 03/10/14-03/16/14

Mileage: ~60; Elevation: ~5,300′

Monday PM: 5k uphill recovery from Indian School and Tramway to the Powerline trail. Core workout afterwards.

Tuesday AM: 6x400M uphill efforts on Indian School. Around ~700′ of elevation gain during the workout. As good as I’ve been feeling about my uphill abilities in the context of a long run or racing, these workouts are still feeling very difficult. Which I guess is the point.

Tuesday PM: 3.75M recovery run followed by upper body workout.

Wednesday PM: Time-crunched, so just an hour on the treadmill followed by a lower-body plyometric-style workout.

Thursday AM: 7.5M over the course of a track workout. 5x1M @ 7:20 pace, with 3:40 recoveries. One of my favorite workouts each week. I’ve definitely lost some speed and I’ve been really concentrating on my track workout each week in an effort to remedy that.

Thursday PM: Short recovery run with the dogs. Another reason why Thursdays are one of my favorite running days of the week. Followed by core workout.

Friday AM: Quick uphill run on the treadmill before work.

Friday PM: Upper body workout.

Saturday AM: 19 mile long run with around 1900′ of upness. Rambled around Trail 365/Bear Canyon.

Sunday AM: 14 mile long run, 1200′ of elevation gain. I was breaking in a new pair of New Balance MT110s this week and, despite having zero problems with my last pair, this pair has been causing significant foot pain. Odd. On a more positive note, the big B2B weekend felt relatively fine otherwise.