Weekly Summary 03/03/14-03/09/14

Mileage: ~45; Elevation: ~6,800′

Monday PM: 5k and 1,000′ of elevation. Some easy uphill hiking training. Core workout after.

Tuesday AM: 4.5M and 800′ of elevation during 400 meter repeats up the Indian School TH road. Legs were a little tired/off.

Tuesday PM: Upper body workout.

Wednesday PM: Easy 10k around my neighborhood loop, followed by a lower body strengthening/plyometric session.

Thursday AM: ~5.5M on the track. 3x1M repeats.

Thursday PM: Half hour of easy running/walking with the dogs to shake out the legs. Followed by a core workout.

Friday AM: Quick half hour of uphill work on the treadmill.

Friday PM: Upper body workout.

Saturday AM: 11.5M with 3,000′ of elevation. Easy long run.

Sunday AM: 10 miles with 1,000′ of elevation on Trail 365.

Decent easy week. I still seem to be struggling more mentally with the easy/rest weeks than I do with the big mileage weeks.