Weekly Summary 02/24/14-03/02/14

Mileage: ~55; Elevation: ~9,600′

Monday PM: Easy 5k around the neighborhood to recover from the weekend, followed by a core workout and foam-rolling.

Tuesday AM: 10k with 5x400M hill repeats on the trails off of the Indian School parking lot.

Tuesday PM: 3.4M. Shakeout run back at Indian school, followed by an upper body workout.

Wednesday PM: 10k recovery run around my standard neighborhood loop followed by a lower-body plyometric-type workout.

Thursday AM: 7M with a 4x1M speed workout with 50% recovery time at the local track. It was a brutal workout, since I was attempting to increase my speed with each interval.

Thursday PM: ~3M on the treadmill. My legs were shot, but I wanted to stretch them out a bit, so I did a slower, uphill walk on the treadmill followed by a core workout.

Friday PM: 2M. Short, easy run with my wife.

Saturday AM: 22M and 7,000′ of elevation gain. My House to Sandia Summit run that I previously wrote up.

Saturday PM: Lots of sitting on the couch without moving.

Sunday AM: 5M of cursing my blisters and tired legs.