Weekly Summary 01/20/14-01/26/14

Mileage: ~49 miles; Elevation: ~3,800′

Monday: 2.19 miles. Another uphill walk on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 5.92 miles. I was planning to do a bit longer, but my attempt to break in some new shoes was not going well.

Wednesday: 6.10 miles. Standard neighborhood recovery run loop.

Thursday: 8.00 miles. Still easing in to some more serious, focused speedwork.

Friday: Decided on a rest day before big mileage over the weekend.

Saturday: 20.00 miles. I ran on my standard Embudito Canyon/Trail 365 path. This was another confidence-inspiring long run. I negative split the back half by over 1o minutes.

Sunday: 6.75 miles. Severe bonkage occurred pretty quickly, and due to hubris from yesterday’s run, I neglected to bring in calories or water with me. Lesson learned.