Weekly Summary 01/06/14-01/12/14

Mileage: ~49 miles; Elevation: ~3,600′

Monday: 2.16 miles. Just cranked out some uphill on the treadmill.

Tuesday: 8.14 miles. There was still some crappy winter weather, so I ran an 8x800M @ 6% incline on the treadmill.

Wednesday: 6.12 miles. Easy recovery run around my standard neighborhood loop.

Thursday: 4.35 miles. Short speed workout.

Friday: Rest day in anticipation of my long run the next day.

Saturday: 20.02 miles. Great long run around my standard trail run path of Embudito Canyon and Trail 365. Felt strong throughout and had negative splits for the second half of the run.

Sunday: 8.00 miles. I just ran a fairly short amount today. With some lingering worries over my knee tendonitis, I didn’t want to push it too much after a big run the day before. I was pretty happy to just call it at near 50 miles for the week.